Pangea started to serve in the field of tourism-events in 2017, and in a short time organized many corporate companies, associations and organizations.


- As of 2020, it has started to operate in the fields of engineering and trade and aims to be one of the leading companies in the import-export sector.


- In July 2020, by the agreement with Eco Factory Co. became the sole authorized distributor of Japan origin product "Ecowin Antivirus Air Conditioner Filter" in Turkey.


-As of May 2021, it has become the sole authority in all export processes of the Iliona brand, which has a history of 16 years and is the choice of more than 300 beauty centers in Turkey. 


In addition, it offers a wide range of products with various collaborations ranging from food to health and hygiene sectors, and also provides consultancy in the process of opening many companies to foreign markets, accompanied by expert academics.